A business with innovative leadership 1830-1852

Anne and her adult children were operating a hybrid communciations, delivery, transport and hospitality business.

The grandchildren were reaching adulthood and the kin group were innovating. Their control of the Belle Sauvage, Ludgate captures the family business in flux as the new technology of steam rail arrives.

The 1841 Census, the Eastern edge of the City of London.

Obvious Nelsons, missing Nelsons and additional Nelsons.

The 1841 enumeration preceeded the modern version of the census but was better than the previous three. The lists of people have been assembled into postulated family groups and assumed households.

In contrast to Aberdeenshire, East London has not received a lot of human purview. The digitisation and datafication of the birth, marriage and death registers for southern Britain accessed via freebmd.org.uk capture 8,000+ events in Middlesex since 1837 linked to the surname Nelson. But it is possible to find the events most likely attached to Abbat's descendants.