From Digitised to Digital perceiving the pathway.

‘we at this moment suggest a systematic way of organising the field of academic genealogy, treating it as a truly multidisciplinary domain. The main purpose of this taxonomy is to highlight the multifaceted research directions of genealogy;’
Arnon Herskovitz, 'A suggested taxonomy of genealogy as a multidisciplinary academic research field'
Genealogy has been critiqued with problems

Genealogy has been critiqued and found to be problematic.

Genealogy has been theorised to have useful attributes and outputs.

The core deficiets are

Cultural and genus naval gazing;


Limited critical posture;

Concotted pedigress;

Consumable intangible-selfs;

Inherently biased leisured access;

Limited critical theoritical posture;

The positive potentials are

Imevitability of contextuality embeds critical reflection;

Democratic and inclusive;

Connectivity between public and national history;

History from below;

challenge established historiography and public history practice;

Access the otherwise unrecorded;

In which case there is some work to be done before genealogy is recognised and applied as a multi-disciplinary toolkit research approach...

Especially as Genealogy is....

not an academic subject

analogous to family history

antiquarianism not professional academia

professional service available to the public

Digitial Genealogy has entirely different potential attributes and purposes.

Digitised Genealogy is a gateway to...

Mapping out a multi-dimenisional set of relationships between people and places, status and connectivity.