Festival of Postgraduate Research University of Leicester 7th July 2016

Iain’s work

‘Clinging to privilege, Anglican priestly families during the nineteenth century: An insight into social mobility’

is part of this years research findings festival that is open to the public in University of Leicester’s Charles Wilson building between 11am and 1pm on the 7th July. When Iain will be talking about how the reconstruction of the kinships of Anglican priests’ with power and influence reveals responses to the challenges that the nineteenth century brought to the Church of England and how traditional Anglican leadership families were able to mitigate any challenge to their status within the church and wider society.

This year long project has also been converted into a small teaching program being delivered to year 10 students in a Gloucestershire school via

The Brilliant Club

and is being shaped into an article to be offered up for peer-review

you can read more about the outline of the research here